Green chiller

green chiller

The Halloween-fuelled experiments have been continuing in full force in our kitchen. As well as our macabre muffins, the kids and I have also come up with this delicious green juice chiller.

green chiller3

Featuring kiwi fruit, canataloupe melon and coconut water, it’s super quick to make and delighfully zingy on the tastebuds. It’s a suitable shade of ghoulish green as befits this time of year, but you’ll be happy in the knowledge that no matter how nasty your little monsters are endeavouring to be, there are no nasties at all in here.

green chiller2

Green chiller

Serves 8

8 kiwi fruit, peeled and roughly chopped
1 canteloupe melon, skin and seeds removed and roughly chopped
500ml coconut water (or you might like to try sparkling water or lemonade)

Simply run the fruit through a juicer, or you could try liquidising.

Pour the fruit juice into a large jug and mix in the coconut water.

Serve chilled and/or over ice. Stir again well before pouring.


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