Review: The Little Table of Delights

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Playing with food has always been something I’ve encouraged at Chez Bangers, so there really couldn’t be a more appropriate theatrical experience for my little ones than The Little Table of Delights, which we were lucky enough to be a part of last week at the Yeo Valley Canteen.

Created by Bristol-based Theatre Damfino in collaboration with chefs Matt Williamson and Claire Thomson (The Five O’clock Apron), this brilliantly interactive show tells the story of what we eat and where it comes in five acts, taking us from bread and then beetroot, through to spices, eggs, milk and honey.

little table of delights2
Chefs Matt Williamson and Claire Thomson

The young audience gathers around the long table as this fabulous feast for all the senses is served up. The actors, led by the suitably French-accented head chef, perform on, around and even through the table, much to the children’s giggling delight.

little table of delights3

little table of delights4

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There are songs and jokes aplenty, heaps of audience participation, and lots of tasting, smelling, munching and crunching. I was quite surprised that my youngest daughter, who is generally unimpressed by so many of my beetroot creations at home, told me afterwards the beetroot dip served up by the chefs was “yummy”, although she did admit to preferring the cinnamon popcorn and honey ice cream.

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little table of delights17

As we’re taken on a fast-paced and fantastically fragrant journey of how our favourite foods reach our plates, we get to meet Bert and Betty the pirouetting beetroots, a glamorous jazz-singing Queen Bee, Barbara the cow plus a whole dairy cow circus, a catwalk parade of exotic spices, and ingenious flying eggs shot from a cannon (which led to an interesting discussion in the car later as to just how they achieved this). My girls, and indeed all the children there, sat entranced.

little table of delights11

little table of delights12

little table of delights15

This deliriously delicious, bizarrely bonkers show received a big thumbs-up from my family and friends, children and adults alike, and we highly recommend you take a seat at The Little Table of Delights just as soon as you possibly can. They’re currently cooking up a storm in London at The Print Room in Notting Hill until 13 December.

little table of delights16

Big thanks to Yeo Valley for inviting us over to review this very cool show. Your ice cream got a big thumbs-up too!
Little Table of Delights Collage

Disclosure: We received a complimentary family ticket in order to review The Little Table of Delights. No money exchanged hands and all opinions expressed are my own and those of my family.

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