Brussels sprout and red cabbage slaw

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People are often taken aback when I tell them my children enjoy Brussels sprouts. A few months ago I was invited on BBC Radio Bristol as a parenting expert (me, a parenting expert!) to talk about fussy eaters, and when I mentioned both my girls like sprouts the presenter was flabbergasted.

Perhaps it’s because we eat them all year round and not just at Christmas. Or maybe it’s because I don’t overcook them until they turn to soggy green mush. Of course, there are plenty of other foods they’ll turn their noses up at, but their love of sprouts does make me a teeny bit proud.

If your kids don’t like cooked sprouts, they might possibly prefer them raw, as in this simple slaw. Here’s they’re chopped up fairly finely, along with red cabbage, dried cranberries and a few nuts and seeds. It’s a great way to use up all those extra sprouts you always seem to end up with in the fridge at Christmas time.

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Brussels sprouts and red cabbage slaw

250g Brussels sprouts
¼ red cabbage
40g dried cranberries
handful of mixed seeds and nuts (such as pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)
3 tbsp natural yoghurt
1 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tsp pomegranate molasses
salt and pepper

Trim and finely slice the Brussels sprouts and red cabbage and throw into a large bowl, together with the cranberries and mixed nuts and seeds.

Make up the simple dressing by mixing together the yoghurt, mayonnaise and pomegranate molasses, and season to taste.

Pour the dressing over the sprouts and red cabbage and toss together well.



This month the Family Foodies challenge, hosted by Louisa over at Eat Your Veg, has gone veggie, and so I’m linking up my Brussels Sprout and Red Cabbage Slaw. I’d love to know if you try this out on your children and what they make of it!

I’m also entering my slaw into Shaheen’s Eat Your Greens challenge at Allotment 2 Kitchen; the Extra Veg challenge hosted by Fuss Free Flavours and Utterly Scrummy; the No Croutons Required challenge hosted by Tinned Tomatoes and Lisa’s Kitchen; the No Waste Food challenge hosted by SliceOffMe and Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary; and finally the Simple and in Season challenge hosted by Ren Behan and Feeding Boys and a Firefighter.

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19 thoughts on “Brussels sprout and red cabbage slaw

  1. I am not a fan of sprouts, will eat them but only because they are on the plate! This slaw however looks lovely and fresh and crispy.

  2. Hi, I loved the look of this recipe and enjoy eating ‘raw’ quite often. I made it last night for lunch today and it tasted great! I didn’t have any seeds at home so added cranberries and macadamia nuts. Beautiful! Thanks for a great recipe!

  3. I’ve never really liked sprouts but if I can disguise them with other ingredients then I’ll eat them. I think this could be a good recipe for me to try this winter especially as dried cranberries are one of my favourites 🙂

  4. I don’t like sprouts at all, the only way i been able to eat them is roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and sea salt. but I will try this recipe as I am always willing to try new sprout recipes. Thank you so much for sharing with EatYourGreens.

  5. Sounds like a scrumptious slaw Vanesther! I’m definitely bookmarking this one as a handy side for the silly season. Though I’d probs have a better chance of getting my kids to eat sprouts on their own, neither are too keen on mixed salads or coleslaw. But fortunately like them cooked, Jacques in particular….ever since he worked out their potential for ahem, wind, anyway!. Lovely Family Foodies entry, which I’m finally getting to rounding up now.

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