It’s all Greek to me! Review and giveaway

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The weather has been so wonderful here for the last couple of weeks. It really has felt like we’ve been on holiday in our own home – spoiled only by the annoying need to go into work. Even so, with beautifully warm and balmy evenings, I haven’t really felt like I’ve been missing out. Much.

Last weekend, it wasn’t too difficult to imagine ourselves on holiday on some stunning Greek island. There is something very special about being in the UK and being able to spend all day long outdoors, especially eating al fresco. OK, we had to make do with a paddling pool instead of clear turquoise seas and we drank Somerset cider in place of retsina. But at least the food was authentic. I was lucky enough to have been sent a delicious food box from Kitchen Nomad to review, full of carefully selected, speciality Greek products providing the basis for five inspiring recipes developed by Tonia Buxton of My Greek Kitchen.

Kitchen Nomad is a new subscription food box service offering the best in world cuisine delivered monthly. It’s the brain child of three friends, Clara, Fanny and Bryn.  Each month, they select a different country of the world, carefully source authentic products and typical recipes of that country, pack it all up in a beautiful box and deliver it right to your door. It’s an ingenious way to discover world cuisine and cook new recipes in your own kitchen.

I was intrigued as to how the three of them came up with the concept of Kitchen Nomad and this is what Clara told me:

Fanny and I are really close friends. We met in Lille, France, seven years ago while studying at Business School. We travelled a lot together and were always excited about discovering new cultures and …. new food!  After graduation, Fanny went to London and I went to Paris to start our careers. In London, Fanny met Bryn (they worked at the same place) and they quickly realised how much they had in common, especially food and travel!

Bryn and Fanny currently work as project managers in banking in London, and I live in Paris, working in marketing for a company dedicated to sustainable development services.

So here you have three young entrepreneurs, passionate about travelling the world and experiencing new culinary discoveries.

When returning home after travelling, we noticed how difficult it is to find all the products and recipes we need to cook some of the amazing meals ourselves that we tasted on our travels. Also we wanted to share all the delightful things we have experienced on our travels, and that’s how Kitchen Nomad was born!

 So what did we receive in the first Kitchen Nomad food box?

Kitchen Nomad

  • Dukkah spice mix – a tasty spice dip perfect with a little olive oil for dipping big chunks of bread. Originally from Egypt, this is the Greek version, as adapted by the Real Greek Restaurant.
  • Kalamata extra virgin olive oil – an award-winning oil with a beautifully robust peppery flavour
  • Vine leaves in brine – the must-have ingredient for making authentic dolmades from the Athenian Grocery
  • Kalamata black olives – gorgeously dark, plump and juicy
  • Pickled capers – intense and mustardy, I had to lay down the law with my oldest daughter Jessie to stop her from eating the whole lot straight from the jar!
  • Orzo pasta – a short-cut macaroni, shaped like a large grain of rice, perfect in stews
  • Organic pressed tomato sauce – produced on a family farm in central Greece
  • Cassia bark – a lovely aromatic spice, like a subtler form of cinnamon stick
  • Dried Greek figs – while I love fresh figs, I’ve never really been one for the dried variety, but I had to lay down the law with myself to stop me eating all of these sticky, chewy bad boys before they made it into pudding!

What makes the food box so special are the recipe cards to accompany the intriguing ingredients. And the recipes were all very easy to follow, although the preparations time given were slightly misleading – or perhaps I’m just a little slow in the kitchen? Over the course of the weekend, I cooked up most of the recipes provided:

Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves)

While I know I love dolmades, I really wasn’t sure how the children would take to them. I was rather surprised to discover they loved them too. Perhaps it’s because they’re such neat little bite size parcels – perfect finger food for little ones. Admittedly they take a little time to prepare, but they’re not difficult and it’s really quite a tranquil, almost meditative activity, particularly since the children scarpered super quick from the kitchen when I suggested they lend a hand.

Youvetsi (slow cooked lamb with orzo pasta)
Youvetsi (slow cooked lamb with orzo pasta)

This one pot dish is something I’m going to cook again and again. And again. It’s just so good. The whole family wolfed down the slow cooked Youvetsi. The cassia bark gives it such a warm, slightly sweet and aromatic flavour, it’s really hard to say no to seconds. Or thirds.

Tart with black olives and capers
Tart with black olives and capers

Incredibly easy to make, my children took to calling this tart a “Greek pizza” but without the cheese. The Kalamata black olives really were the making of this tart. We’re enjoying working our way through the remainder of the tin.

Fig and walnut bake served with Greek yoghurt
Fig and walnut bake served with Greek yoghurt

And another ridiculously easy dish, this fig and walnut bake is perfumed with a light syrup flavoured again with cassia bark, and it is just downright gorgeous served with a big dollop of creamy Greek yoghurt. We’d have enjoyed the leftovers for breakfast the following morning, but there weren’t any.

So what’s my verdict on the Kitchen Nomad food box? Well, quite simply, I love it. At first I thought it might be a little on the expensive side, since you have to shop for all the additional fresh ingredients. But these dishes could easily have provided us with three or four days worth of meals – we were just greedy and went for it over one weekend. Each box costs £22 (plus delivery), but if you sign up for a minimum of six months it drops to £21 a month, and for a year it goes down to £20 a month.

It’s about more than the produce you actually receive. It’s about the thought that goes into the boxes, the recipes you’re supplied with and the knowledge and passion that goes into them, and the tips that are passed on. And it’s about the adventure and excitement and mystery too, because you have no idea where in the world you are going next. I’m sold and I’m signing up. Especially since I’ve seen the next box has a Vietnamese theme – a cuisine I’m not all that familiar with but am keen to try.


If you’d like to try a Kitchen Nomad food box yourself, here’s your chance. Clara at Kitchen Nomad has very kindly offered one Bangers & Mash reader the opportunity to win a box. Simply leave a comment below by Saturday 3 August letting me know why you’d like to receive a Kitchen Nomad box and you could be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!

Kitchen Nomad box


Disclosure: Kitchen Nomad sent me a complimentary Greek food box for review purposes. No money exchanged hands and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

52 thoughts on “It’s all Greek to me! Review and giveaway

    1. I remember you saying! Did she take the box home with her? I’ve never tried making either dolmades or youvetsi before but they were both really simple with the ingredients and recipe provided, and the whole family simply devoured them!

      1. Not sure what she did! Now you reminded me I’ve sent a message asking her 🙂 I haven’t tried making dolmades, always thought they were tricky! And they are easy to get in a tin here so I’ve been lazy. You’ve given me motive now! I looove them with yogurt!

  1. I loved my Greek box although none of us quite liked the vine leaves,….we all loved orzo & I loved the baked figs…looking forward to the tart next. I feel so bad that I haven’t managed a swallows recipe yet as I’ve been so busy! I’m Going to try & attempt one whilst on holiday this week! X

    1. I was wondering where you were this month with #recipesforlife! But honestly, you can’t be expected to do one while you’re on holiday – plus we’ve thrown in an extra month for August, so no pressure… The tart with olives and capers was a big hit here.

  2. Gorgeous post and dishes! Am now more than a tad excited about the prospect of my Greek Autumn once I’m finally re-united with my FBC won Nomad Box. So can’t wait to try all these dishes too, and hoping my kids like the vine leaves as much as yours but am doubtful!

    1. Thanks Lou. You’re going to love the box when you’re finally reunited with it! I really wasn’t sure how my girls would react to the vine leaves, but I was so surprised that they actually loved them…

  3. Wondering which was your favourite recipe. I’m very tempted to try the lamb dish, I’ve made something similar before

      1. OK so that’s decided then! I have lamb in the fridge looking for a recipe;)

  4. That’s a big greek feast! Well done 🙂 Every single dish looks very tempting, even lamb which I normally don’t eat.

  5. I’d LOVE to try one. After moving to London, I’ve been pretty far out of my food comfort zone and I’d really enjoy trying some authentic Greek food with real ingredients!

  6. What a brilliant idea! Although I love experimenting in the kitchen, it is sometime difficult to think of new things to cook – this looks like it would really provide inspiration

  7. It looks amazing! I’m still trying to get my head around the lack of ethnic food here and this would be absolutely amazing and delicious for me – would love to win the kitchen box!

  8. This is such a great concept and I love the surprise element you get each month. Having just been to Vietnam in February – a great holiday for anyone thinking of going, and I must get round to blogging my experience! – I am keen to see what they will put in their box. I signed up a couple of days back, will let you know how I get on.

    Your dolmades look amazing btw!

  9. I shan’t enter (because I’ve already had both of the first two boxes!) but just wanted to say that I enjoyed your review and was impressed that you’ve already tried most of the recipes! 🙂

  10. To have diverse quality ingredients coupled with the recipes in a Kitchen Nomad box would be a brilliant opportunity and I know my family would appreciate a little variety in their meals!

  11. well this would make my family think I had been bodysnatched by an alien who could cook lol! i so love Greek food xx

  12. Would love to try cooking some new Greek-style dishes (especially keen to have a go at the stuffed vine-leaves).

  13. I am trying to encourage my children to try new things and these recipes look like a great place to start

  14. Love Geek food. I arrived back last Friday from yet another Greek holiday. Their food is so much healthier and tastier than we get back home.

  15. I would love to try the items in this box. I had a bad experience in a greek restaurant many years ago where the food was awful, so I would love the obsiously high quality items to restore my appetite for Greek food.

  16. Because my husband’s favourite food has its origins in Greece (via my kitchen!) and he adores dolmades. I’d be a very popular lady! 🙂

  17. I want to win one as although I love European and Mediterranean food I’ve never really had the chance to experience Greek food properly before! And what a good opportunity with real Greek ingredients and authentic recipes 🙂

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