The icing on the cake

I promised myself some time off over the Christmas break from blogging and tweeting and the like, but my six-year-old has persuaded me to come online to show you their drawing of the Christmas cake I made this year.

This was my first-ever attempt at a Christmas cake. I baked it back in November and then dutifully ‘fed’ it whisky every week before icing it a few days before Christmas. We’ve all been very impressed with the result, even if the icing looks a little on the haphazard side! Despite all that whisky, it’s still very light, more like a stollen than the rich fruit cake you might be expecting.

I used a recipe by Guardian food writer Felicity Cloake and followed Nigel Slater’s instructions for the icing.

Here’s a photograph of the cake today.

Excuse the state it’s in, but at least you can see it’s being enjoyed.

Merry Christmas!

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