My Upfest gallery

I realise it’s all been a little quiet on the blog in recent weeks, but anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that the family and I have been thoroughly making the most of being back in the city since our return to Bristol in February.

Upfest Collage

This last weekend has pretty much summed up, for me, why I’ve longed to be back here, in this creative powerhouse of a city – albeit one of the most chilled out, laid back powerhouses you could wish for. For this weekend, street artists from around the world descended on Bristol (and indeed our very own patch of Bristol, Bedminster) in their hundreds for Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival. And the people followed in their thousands.

Bedminster was truly buzzing – and for a couple of days we lived in the most awesome tourist destination, a living art gallery – it felt like the rest of Bristol was here on our doorstep. But it didn’t feel at all invasive – it was glorious to welcome the world and such amazing artistic talent into our neighbourhood for a very, very cool street party. Where there’s a party, there has to be food and my highlight from the festival had to be Los Hermanos Combinados, whose brioche bunfuls of sugar-cured pork belly in chorizo butter and sticky paprika onions were to die for. (Apologies for lack of food photography. I couldn’t hang around otherwise my daughter would have gobbled mine out of my hand.)

Since this is Bristol, there were the beats to match of course, with DJs playing non-stop at the Tobacco Factory, on North Street and in South Street Park where there was also a brilliant creative kids area. My girls loved having a go at their own street art in Miss C’s Graffiti Academy.

Kids Upfest Collage

So apologies again for the lack of food in this post. Normal service will resume shortly. But for the meantime, enjoy some of my favourite shots from #Upfest2016…

Tape Over

Tape Over Collage

Everything is under control

Everything is under control

North Street Green

Upfest3 Collage

Meeting Miss Wah

Miss Wah Collage

Jessie was super excited to meet Miss Wah and see her in action. She’s been recreating her pandas and cats ever since – with a little help from her very cool YouTube videos.

Prisoner 46664

Upfest (3)

Apparently his girlfriend’s called Theresa

Upfest (4)

Street art in five easy steps

Upfest (64)

Love: Lemak

Upfest (67)

Jagger vs Jagger

Upfest (56)

Street posing

Street Posing Collage

It’s all in the eyes

Eyes Collage

Next stop, South Street

Train Collage

Canned art

Upfest (18)

War and peace

Upfest (19)


Upfest (51)

Henrietta’s homecoming

Upfest (40)

Do check out the Upfest website for more on the festival and the artists involved this year, and for another perspective take a look at helloitsgemma’s favourites over on her blog.

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