Raw chocolate giveaway for National Chocolate Week


National Chocolate Week is almost upon us. From 12 to 18 October 2015 people across the land will be celebrating and indulging in the joys of chocolate in all its forms (from three-course chocolate ‘experiences’ and chocolate cocktails to chocolate and meat pairing and even chocolate massage!) and you can fully expect your social media timelines to be chock-full of choccy-related banter and images. The excitement is already building – check out #nationalchocolateweek to see what I mean.

To get in on the chocolate action, I’ve teamed up with Elements for Life, the makers of incredible raw chocolate products and based just over the border from me in Wiltshire, to bring you this awesome chocolate giveaway – make your way down to the bottom of this post for the full lowdown on the delicious prizes up for grabs and how to enter.

A little while back I took the family over to see Dan and Paula, the husband and wife team behind Elements for Life at their mini chocolate factory. I first met them a few years ago when they ran a chocolate making workshop in a chocolate pop up shop in Frome. That’s when we first fell in love with their delicious raw chocolate. It was great to catch up with them again in their new premises and to hear about all the latest developments.

Elements for Life 2

Elements for Life 3

Elements for Life 4

Elements for Life 5

Elements for Life 7

Elements for Life 8

Elements for Life 6

As well as scooping a trio of Taste of the West awards this year, they’ve also introduced a whole host of ingredients and ‘superfood’ products to the Elements for Life range, such as vanilla powder (slow dried for a more intense flavour), Himalayan pink salt (full of minerals), raw honey from Colham Organic Farm, in north Wiltshire, and polifloral bee pollen, rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

They’ve been busy developing new lines too and we got to try a slice of their gorgeous new ChocOmega high protein bar – it’s densely packed with dried fruit and berries, nuts and seeds and, not surprisingly, lots of raw cacao. Very satisfying and very delicious, and so good to know you’re filling up on heaps of omega essential fatty acids while blissing out in chocolate heaven.

Chatting to Paula and Dan, I’m reminded just how passionate they are about good, wholesome food, produced in a way that’s in balance with the natural world.

“We’re trying to get people to think again about what they put in their mouths, and share the message that by changing just little things at little bit at a time, we can all make a big difference,” Dan tells me. “We love food, especially raw chocolate, and love playing around with ingredients. That’s why we do what we do. You should keep an eye on our Facebook page – we’re always posting new recipes and ideas on there, lots of raw cakes and smoothies.”

Raw chocolate giveaway

But I am sure that you, dear reader, are keen to hear how you might get your hands on some of this divine raw chocolate from Elements for Life? Didn’t someone mention a giveaway?

Elements for Life Raw Chocolate Giveaway

One very lucky winner will receive a whole tray (yes, I did say tray – that’s equivalent to 16 bars) of both ChocOmega and Yummy Scrummy, while four runners-up will win two bars of each.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply click on the link to enter via Rafflecopter and leave a comment below say why you deserve to win all this lovely raw chocolate!. You can win extra entries with a little social media action. This giveaway is open to people with a UK postal address only and runs until Sunday 18 October 2015.

Good luck and enjoy National Chocolate Week!


15% discount for all Bangers & Mash readers

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, Bangers & Mash readers can still enjoy a special 15% discount off anything on the Elements for Life website for a whole month after National Chocolate Week until 18 November 2015. Simply enter BANGERS1015 at the checkout.

95 thoughts on “Raw chocolate giveaway for National Chocolate Week

  1. I’d love to try making healthy bars with raw chocolate I like making no-bake bars and this would be perfect!!! I would yodel and kick up my heels!!

  2. I HAVE to win because I am your loving daughter and you are the BEST mum in the world and I will share it with you and…

  3. I’d love to win – I’m trying to get healthy, but not sure I can give up chocolate entirely – raw chocolate is a good compromise surely?!

  4. Raw chocolate is just the best. From Dan and Paula it’s journey to us is full of love and ethical traceable. I just love the health buzz it’s gives everyone who’s’ tried it. Making it yourself is a yummy moment .

  5. My daughter’s moved to Uni
    So now an empty nest
    I need some cheering up here
    …and think chocolate would be best!

  6. I have been making raw chocolate for a few years, continually inspired by the Raw Chocolate Lovers Facebook group. I am working ridiculously hard at the moment and yummyscrummy and chocomega would give me some much needed energy. Plus it’s delicious!! xxx

  7. I love this company! I was lucky enough to find one of their Yummy Scrummy brownies in a healthy treats box a couple of years ago and then when I was living in Bath used to pick them up for an occasional treat from my local health food shop. I haven’t seen them in London but would love to have them back in my life! Happy Chocolate Week!

  8. Hi, I deserve to win because I have to share all of my treats with my little girls and it would be fabulous to have something just for me 😊

  9. I would love to win so I can celebrate my Birthday on Thursday with lots of lovely chocolate. My perfect day I reckon to make up for becoming another year older.

  10. This would be such a delicious treat, I am trying to eat healthier and cut down on sugars so this would be fab 😀 xx

  11. Hi I won’t say I deserve to win as we all do 🙂 But I would love to win just to put a smile on my face 🙂 I am always making soaps, candles and chocolate for other people and it would be fab to actually receive some back haha. Life with depression and panic disorder and a disabled Hubbie can be hard at times but chocolate brightens the bad moments! Good luck everyone x

  12. Love to win and treat my neices and nephews -I’m sure they would love this instead of other brands that are ‘less healthy’and maybe I can convert them-next step is showing them how to BAKE their own delicious goodies starting with this tray bake 😆😆thanks for the chance to win

  13. I want to give it away (well not exactly ‘want’, but my grandson enjoyed having his own dairy free chocolate from the kit so much as he can’t eat normal chocolate that it would be nice to give him some more).
    And as a pessimist I have plan 2, and will buy some for Christmas anyway.

  14. I’ve never tried raw chocolate and this would be such a treat for me to try. I’ve used cacao powder for drinking chocolate and for a lovely chia seed choc pudding but haven’t tried making my own choc yet.

  15. I deserve to win this because I would share it – well, give tasters at least to family – and then show them how I would create lovely things (and maybe even share small portions of that too!)

  16. My husband recently discovered an intolerance to certain dairy products, so milk chocolate is an instant no-go now. This is awful for my sanity as I can’t buy chocolate bars, but also an enlightening journey as I have to improvise with raw chocolate instead. This would be a great prize to win… not just for me (although I’ll probably not share it!)

  17. This looks delicious 😉 i deserve to win as i am looking after my 7 month old teething grandson! and really need a treat 😉 (Shhh.. asleep at the moment, not me!)

  18. Oh my goodness, a whole tray of Yummy Scrummy! I have to have it; no reason, I just do. I’ve tried it before & it really is as the name suggests.

  19. I simply MUST win or else have a Homer Simpson-esque meltdown (*jaw drops* “Yum-my-scrum-my-choc-o-meg-a” *drools*).

  20. Because its not worth eating any chocolate that isn’t real like this and I have two hungry grandchildren to feed!!!

  21. I’d say I deserve to win because I try to be ethical with the choices I make in shopping and in life, because I would share my prize with my nearest and dearest, and I rarely get treats like chocolate so would savour every piece. As there is lots to this prize, I would also donate some to the hard-working volunteers at Second Chance Animal rescue to give them a tasty treat as they battle to help often-traumatised animals. Fingers crossed.

  22. I live an active & healthy lifestyle, but chocolate is and has been my biggest temptation! This healthy version would keep me on track, as indulgent can be so good for you!

  23. C is for the chocolate that I hope to win
    H is for the Heaven that eating these will bring
    O is for the Oh wow! I shout as i taste,
    C is for the calories adding to my waist.
    O is for the omega choc, tasting so divine,
    L my daughter Lauren sharing choc so fine.
    A is for All of you listening to my rhyme
    T is for the thanks I give when I i make the prize mine
    E is for everyone else for them – maybe next time

  24. I’d love to win this for my husband as a nice, sweet treat, as he’s been working so hard and having multiple stressors hitting him all at once. I think this would really bring a smile to his face x

  25. I do like raw chocolate, but never think of it when I have the chocolate craving upon me, but I just might if I had a nice stash of them in the house 😉

  26. I deserve to win lots of chocolate to enable me to share it with my wonderful family, and to share the pleasure of the raw chocolate experience.

  27. I’d love to win because I’m 2 years and 4 stone into my healthy eating, lifestyle overhaul and I’m always looking for new snacks and foods to inspire me and keep me from eating things that aren’t so healthy!

  28. I deserve to win because my Mum said!! And my Mums always right. And if I don’t I’ll scweam and scweam until I’m sick!!

  29. I derserve to win because im really passionate about cacao!! I’m a clean eater so can’t eat ‘normal’ chocolate so have to make my own. But this would be sooo much easier for me 😀

  30. TBH I probably dont deserve to win it – but I will give it the loving forever home it deserves. I will love it and enjoy it and incorporate it into everything I eat!

  31. I deserve to win, I love chocolate, but I never seem to get a look in at our house. You turn your back and one of the boys have eaten it

  32. I would like to win as my pregnancy sickness has finally stopped after 30 weeks so I can finally eat and chocolate is the top of my list 🙂

  33. Oh wow, this sounds absolutely amazing! I would love to win because I am a complete chocaholic, and raw chocolate is something I have become increasingly interested in and I absolutely love nuts and seeds, so I would love love love to try them! They sound seriously delicious

  34. I deserve to win because I only enjoy really top quality chocolate – therefore I’d really appreciate it.:-)

  35. It’s always good to know that recipients understand and appreciate life’s wonderful and varied riches such as sunny days, happy children – and raw chocolate. That’s me!

  36. I would love to win just because I love chocolate but I usually have to buy my own, not very often i get some from someone, apart from birthdays and christmas, so it would be lovely to receive this through the post, would make my day x

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