Fig and honey smoothie

fig and honey smoothie

Since making the Cheeky Monkey smoothie, we’ve been experimenting with all kinds of fresh juices and smoothies at Chez Bangers. This one is currently one of our favourites.

I wasn’t sure my children would like the idea of a smoothie made from dried figs, so I told them it was a honey smoothie. They gulped it down in seconds and demanded another. They also asked whether there was chocolate in it. I guess that’s partly due to the colour, but the fig does give it a lovely richness which isn’t all that dissimilar to a chocolate smoothie.

So if you’re trying to encourage your children to consume a little extra fruit and fibre, this smoothie could be a good way to go…

fig and honey smoothie

Fig and honey smoothie

Serves 2

50g dried figs, roughly chopped
250ml milk
1 tbsp rolled oats
1 tbsp runny honey

Place the figs in a glass and cover with milk, around 50ml. Leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours, or even better overnight, to allow the figs to become all plump and squidgy.

Simply pour the figs, along with the milk in which they have been soaking, together with the rest of the milk, oats and honey into a liquidiser and blend well until smooth.

fig and honey smoothie

As my fig and honey smoothie is a great way to sneak some extra goodies into your children’s diets (and your own while you’re at it), I’m entering it into January’s Family Foodies challenge, where the theme is Hidden Goodies.


12 thoughts on “Fig and honey smoothie

  1. Yummy!! Such an amazing idea adding dried fruit to a smoothie, and it looks so appealing too. However my kids are both adverse to smoothies, they’ve never liked them. Odd I know, but then I haven’t tried them lately. Funnily enough I’ve FINALLY been re-united with my FBC goodie bag and my Greek nomad box which Jacques had a good scour through this afternoon. After a sniff and poke at everything he decided to devour a quarter of my precious packet of dried figs which when fresh he adores but this was his first sampling as dried!

    1. Oh those figs from the Kitchen Nomad box were so good, I can see why Jacques went for those! Such a little foodie 😉 Mia has never been into smoothies as much as her big sister Jess, but even she enjoyed this one which I was absolutely amazed by. You just never can tell with kids…

  2. Looks wonderful – you’re right, very chocolatey. I have some figs still in the freezer from our late summer fig glut last year, wondering if they would work in a smoothie?

    1. I’m sure fresh (frozen) figs would work brilliantly in this smoothie, if not better. I can’t wait for summer to try this with fresh, but will just to have imagine warmer days while supping on a smoothie made with the dried variety in the meantime…

  3. I was going to ask about using fresh figs too. Great idea about freezing figs. I use frozen berries but hadn’t thought to freeze my figs!

      1. I’ll have fresh figs in March / April although you can get fresh figs earlier than that. I’ll definitely have a go and will link back to your post 🙂

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