Simple banana smoothie

Normally my children have pretty healthy appetites, so when they tell me they’re not hungry that’s a sure-fire sign they must be poorly.

Over the past couple of weeks both my girls have been a bit ill – and my husband too – and so I’ve turned to the good old smoothie to make sure I get some sustenance into them. Even when they’re feeling pretty grotty, they can generally manage a glass or two of smoothie.

Of course these smoothies are too good only to have when illness strikes and they’re a brilliant way to use up those over-ripe bananas. You can also add any soft fruit you happen to have in. We keep a bag of berries in the freezer and I like to chuck in a handful or two of those. But here’s the basic banana recipe.

Simple banana smoothie

Serves 4

3 or 4 bananas
4 tbsp plain or Greek yoghurt
2 tbsp runny honey
½ tsp vanilla extract
2 pints of cold milk

Chop the banana into a blender or smoothie maker and add the rest of the ingredients. Simply whizz up until smooth and serve to your patients.

6 thoughts on “Simple banana smoothie

  1. Hope all your family are fighting fit again. I’m sure your smoothies are a big help in their recovery – especially if they know that they can still have these treats when they are well!

    1. Getting there gradually. One daughter has been off school this week but – fingers crossed – she looks like she’s ready to go back tomorrow. But yes, they do love their smoothies anytime…

  2. You know i throw this, that and the other in a smoothie and they are delicious, but I do forget to keep it simple sometimes and highlight one main ingredient. This sounds delish!

  3. We’re huge fans of a banana smoothie here, though to be honest pretty much any smoothie goes down well! I hope you’re all on the mend, we were all poorly over Christmas, there’s a lot flying around at the moment.

    1. Isn’t there just? I think we’re all better now – I’ve got a little tickle that’s been threatening to strike for a few days now, but mums just aren’t allowed to get ill are they?!

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