Free pass to chocolate heaven

Congratulations to Jen from Blue Kitchen Bakes, the winner of my recent contest to win a fantastic raw chocolate making kit, courtesy of Elements for Life.

Jen’s prize consists of everything she’ll need to make a batch of gorgeous chocolates:

  • 100g raw cacao powder
  • 120g raw cacao butter
  • 300ml bottle of Sweet Freedom, low GI natural sweetener
  • reusable heart-shaped silicone mould
  • information and recipe card.

On entering the contest, Jen said:

I like being able to make as much of my food from scratch as possible, so the chance to win a raw chocolate kit would be amazing. It’s something I’ve always wondered about doing but haven’t fully understood how to go about it before so thanks for your informative post and great pictures of the chocolate making process.

I really hope you enjoy making your own chocolates Jen, and do let me know how you get on! Congratulations again!

And look, I really did pull the winning name out of a hat…

3 thoughts on “Free pass to chocolate heaven

  1. Well I’m sure a lot of us were inspired by your post…will maybe pick up a kit at the next Farmer’s Market at Cheese & Grain in Frome, as I think I’ve seen them there once. Or was it the Artisan Market?

    1. Thanks Jenn – sorry you didn’t win! I think I first saw Elements for Life at the Artisan Market – not sure they do the Farmer’s Market. Worth getting in touch with them to find out, although you can also buy online…

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