Why I can’t stop grinning…

My cheeks are getting really rather sore now. There’s only so much grinning one woman can do. But every time my grin begins to subside, I remember the events of Friday night again and bam! I’m beaming again!

It rather took my by surprise. There I was at the MAD (Mum & Dad) Blog Awards ceremony in London, feeling just so thrilled because I was actually out on a Friday night and what’s more I was wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever owned in my life AND I’d just had my photo taken with the very gorgeous Myleene Klass. And then the name Bangers & Mash was read out as winner of the Best Food Blog category. I almost fell off my chair.

Of course I wanted to win. I’m one of the most competitive people I know. But I had done a really good job of convincing myself I had absolutely no chance as I was up against some very talented food bloggers.

And yet win I did and I am now the happiest mummy food blogger on earth. I owe a whopping big thank you to everyone that voted for Bangers & Mash to win and to everyone who has sent me the loveliest messages over the last couple of days via the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

But my favourite  message of all was the one I received when I got back home the next day, attached to a single red rose…

I hope to bring you some more photos from the awards ceremony in the next few days, but in the meantime you can pop over to Storify for some of the Twitter highlights…

24 thoughts on “Why I can’t stop grinning…

  1. I got so teary eyed when I saw the rose and message. Really Van so well done and I am so proud of you. What is even better is when our children recognizes our accomplishments….Lots of love, Lorene xxooxx

    1. Thanks Aunty Lorene! It was so lovely to come home and have Jason and the girls rush up and hug me and be so proud of me. It’s what it’s all about…

  2. Dear Ness, Wow! What fantastic news! Congratulations! I am just shutting down for the night and up popped your news-I am so pleased for you- you really deserve it. Hopefully see you at school in the next couple of days-I’m sure you’re really busy, but it would be good to meet up for a cuppa sometime. Kate x

    1. Thank you so much Kate – a massive surprise! Would love to meet up for a cuppa very soon. Fridays are my day at home, doing the school run etc so let me know when’s best for you. See you later in the week x

  3. Congratulations Vanesther! So happy for you and a well deserved award! And what a lovely ending to a such a lovely evening. I’m sure that sweet little note will continue to bring lots of smiles. 🙂

    1. Sweet hey? Yes, hopefully there will be lots more events to come – the MADs was my first bloggers event (other than ones I’ve been working at) so it would be lovely to get the chance to chat next time!

  4. *mops tears* that note is so sweet! Congratulations on your win. Would have loved to have chatted but there were so many people and as it was my first ‘blogging event’ I was a bit rabbit in the headlights-ish!

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