Tipping point

This post represents two firsts for me. The first first is that has nothing to do with food. And the second is that I didn’t write it, despite what it says above.

Bloggers the world over are putting their weight behind a call on world leaders to urgently put in place a resolution to protect children in response to the hideous atrocities that have taken place in Syria. Children there have been brutally murdered. As a mother, as a member of humanity, I’ve been wondering all day what I can say on this blog to add my voice to this call.

And then I read an amazingly powerful piece by Chris Mosler on her blog Thinly Spread. Anything I try to write now would simply be an attempt to say the same thing but far less eloquently. And so Chris has kindly given me permission to reblog her post here. Please take a few minutes to read this and sign your name on the Save The Children and Avaaz petitions. Thank you.

Tipping Point – by Chris Mosler

This post is written as part of today’s coming together of the parent blogging community to share our outrage at the atrocities in Syria.

I wrote last year about the power of one voice when it reaches out and touches others, about how that voice can snowball. Sometimes it can seem hopeless, but you have no idea who it might reach and what effect it might have. I for one cannot sit here and say nothing having read Wednesday’s gruesome article in The Times.

Children have been massacred in Syria. They were not just by-standing victims caught in the cross fire. They have been put to death. They have been executed.

49 children.

I cannot imagine the fear which went through their little heads. I cannot imagine how the remnants of their families must be feeling.

This all started a year ago with Syrian people rising up, as their neighbours had done across the Middle East, in a peaceful protest calling for freedom and democracy. The uprising was crushed by Assad and his regime. The world stood back. Now the conflict is armed and has escalated to a point where men are killing children.

We stood back and allowed Rwanda and Srebrenica to happen. This time we have a network with the potential to make an enormous amount of noise and force a response. Kofi Anaan has said that Syria has reached a ‘Tipping Point’, balanced precariously on the edge of sectarian violence and further horror. This is the time to shout.

Please use your voice, those children and their families deserve it. The least we can do is make sure their deaths do not slip quietly into history and to shout loudly that this mustn’t be allowed to happen again.

Much of the world is outraged and there are lots of political shenanigans going on. In the meantime I am joining with Save the Children and signing their petition ‘ calling on world leaders to put in place an immediate and legally binding “Resolution to Protect Children” that carries the full force of international law on those attacking children and other civilians.’

While I’m at it, I’m signing this one too.

Please Make Some Noise.

What you can do

Please tweet this post out using the hashtags #Syria #StopTheKilling and #TippingPoint.

Retweet any posts you see from the parent blogger community using the above hashtags.

Share this post and others on Facebook.

Sign the two petitions I mention above.

Write your own post.

This is my first ever image free post because there is no image I could use here.

Thanks again to Chris Mosler for letting me feature her post here.

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