What’s in my fridge?

This blog is in response to the question posed by Charlotte in her Kitchen Diary earlier in the week.

Just like Charlotte I’m always fascinated by what other people have in their fridges and cupboards. What luxuries do people enjoy? When do people buy own brand? What are their guilty pleasures?

And visitors to my home always seem to like a peak in ours too. So here are the contents of our fridge as of this morning:

It’s looking pretty well stocked at the moment. On Tuesdays we get our weekly veg box and supermarket delivery so there are still lots of goodies in there. By next Monday it’ll be looking rather more sparse. And come the weekend there will rather more alcohol in there too.

But in general, you’ll always find in our fridge:

  • eggs
  • milk
  • cheese (lots and lots)
  • fruit juice (the children get through gallons of the stuff)
  • salad and vegetables
  • pickles and chutnies
  • ham
  • olives
  • hummus
  • leftovers

So there you have it. And now I’ll pass the question on. What’s in your fridge?