Meal plans

Meal planning is how I keep sane in my mad world.

The weekly meal plan has become a permanent fixture on our fridge door

A few years ago I decided I had to change how my family bought and cooked food. We realised we were spending way too much on our weekly food shopping and simply weren’t getting good value for money. I started meal planning and promptly halved our weekly food bills, and ended up with tastier, healthier, more varied meals to boot.

When you’re rushing around between work, school, nursery, after-school clubs, play dates, ballet/swimming/singing lessons and dentist/doctor/vet appointments, and trying to fit in the gardening/DIY/hoovering and so on and on ad nauseum, I find it helps massively to have something you can control and manage. Meal plans keep the howling wolves of madness at bay (just).

Here are some examples of recent meal plans – perhaps they’ll give you a few ideas? I try to include as many recipes as I can on the blog, but if you see something on a meal plan you like the look of but can’t find a recipe, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Weekly meal plans

Weekly meal planner 14 February 2017

Weekly meal planner 4 February 2017

Weekly meal planner 26 January 2017

Weekly meal planner 17 January 2017

Weekly meal planner 10 January 2017

And in case it’s helpful, here’s a blank meal planner template.

3 thoughts on “Meal plans

  1. I went on a diet a while back, which had specific meals each day and therefore a plan to go with it. I didn’t lose much weight but I was amazed at how much less money I spent at the supermarket during that time! I keep meaning to start a regular meal plan, and now you’ve reminded me I should get my act together 🙂 Thanks!

    1. It is amazing the difference a bit of planning makes, isn’t it? Sometimes my meal plans do go to pot, like this week when I planned to cook meals ahead but then found I just didn’t have the time due to pressing work deadlines, and so we have to resort to things in the freezer. But most of the time, it’s an absolute Godsend. Thanks for stopping by!

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